individual project developed at CIID Pilot year, 2009
advisor:Isabel Froes

final presentation board of examiners: Bill Moggridge (IDEO), Gillian Crampton Smith (IUAV) and Mikal Hallstrup (Designit).

Honours: this project has been selected and put on trial during the team building week with Karen Ward at The Interaction Design Programme, CIID 2009-2010

Pro.seed is a toolkit that allows designers to present and reflect on themselves and their goals at the beginning and at the end of a new teamwork learning process. It is a toolkit to delineate profiles, to reflect about group dynamics and personal development in a visual way. Using visual props and notational tools, it supports the way of proceeding in a learning development.

The context

At the beginning when a team is formed, designers with different background have to present-define themselves in order to understand how to perform together to achieve  great and fast results.

How it works?
Each member of the team has a pro.seed toolkit.
The toolkit contains: two booklets, one to engage and strat discussions and another allows a personal and useful reflection at the end of the process; some stickers to build profiles in a freely, easy, visual and handy way; 60 cards, which are tools for enhancing group dynamics, during the process.
They start to use it from the begining of the process.
The discussion booklet lets them interact with oneanother and present themselves in an equalperspective. The cards are in the toolkit to help the users during the process, so they can pick them up and show/discuss each of them while they are developing a project.
At the end of each fast process, all of the designers have learned a lot and the reflaction tool allows them to apprehend the aquired knowledge.

What are the expected core values for the context?

1.a service that follows the users during the whole process
2.a tool for an easier and intuitive self reflection and description
3.awareness of being an individual within group dynamics
4.having a better view on personal learnings

Do you have a multi disciplinary design company, do you want to try it?
Ask me more information about this toolkit

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