Right person-Right time

Digital Scenarios Explorations

Nokia, the telecommunication company, challenge us on re-thinking how young people could effectively manage all their contacts and communication using a variety of channels including SMS, MSN, Facebook, email and more.

We decided to explore how a growing number of personal communication channels can support young people’s maturing need of being available to the right person at the right time, 24 hours a day, while setting clear boundaries between social, personal and professional contexts.

We spent two weeks conducting user research, turning insights into projections, generating concepts for mobile phones and producing video scenarios with high resolution prototypes. Our user research took place at a Danish Højskole where we spoke with several 20-year-old students and a local park where we spoke with a couple of young mothers. After a period of initial concept generation, we returned to the Danish Højskole to show the students a prototype demonstrating how “status messages” could work on a mobile phone. This gave us more clarity about refining our concepts and inspiration for our final video scenarios.

Project developed with Adam Little at CIID Pilot year for Nokia, 2009

faculty: Vinay Venkatraman and Nicholas Zambetti
specific role: user research, concepts and scenarios development, graphic storyboards, UI design and flash prototype 

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