Game – Multiple Handle

Multiple Handle is an experimental videogame controller

we developed it within an intensive workshop, Touchdown! in Florence in 2007. The aim of the workshop was to re-think and expand the language of physical interaction for gaming. Three extreme days spent in analysing, designing and prototyping alternative controllers for videogames.

We hacked a keyboard and we used part of it to build a two hand-scratch controller for each player. If you want to move inside the game, you have to squeeze and clap them together with another player.

We exhibited the projects at the BIP: building interactive playground at Electrowave 2007

watch the video

more pictures

project developed with Shadi Lahham and Elisa Rubegni at Touchdown!workshop, Firenze, 2007
workshop run by Giorgio Oliviero (TODO) and Yaniv Steiner (
Yaniv Steiner –
Giorgio Olivero –

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