Installation – That Sinking Feeling

Interactive Installation – That Sinking feeling

TSF is a visual information system which gives the user an immediate sensation (information) about the present and future conditions of the high tide in Venice. Made by two devices, one at home and one in a city place, it involves the user in a real/virtual game with the high tide.

Even if the high tide is a big problem for the city, TSF tries to find a poetic and simple approach to the matter, making possible to live and enjoy the Venice’s water without being worried of sinking in it.

As Venice is an island linked to the high and low tide mechanism of the Lagoon,TSF allows the users to see in an easy and intuitive way where and when the water is going to raise up/down, to easily plan their movements in the city. TSF also gives you the possibility to know which kind of boots (or waders) wear depending on the water level of the zones you want to visit.

Installation description: 

The installation is composed by a big screen, six pressure sensors side by side, a projector and six webcams. The screen is divided in six vertical areas, each one representing the current conditions and forecast for the next 6 hours. Every hour is represented by an animation prerecorded by the people. A orange-wave shows you the prediction of the high tide for each hour, and a blue (or green) the current situation. As you stand in front of an animation (hour) it will disappear, and you will see your own body projected on the screen. Your image will be recorded by a camera for create a short video, which will be projected in a continuous loop until another person makes their own video.

Prototype: take a look to the video

Prototype built with: Processing, Wiring, a pressure sensor, a webcam, a lamp and one projector.

Project and prototype developed with Miguel Cabanzo at the IUAV University in Venice, 2007
faculty: Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor in collaboration with Durrel Bishop and Davide Rocchesso.

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