Sketching Interaction

thesis project April 2008, postgraduate in Communication and Mutimedia Design
at IUAV, Faculy of Art and Design, Venice, Italy

advisors: Davide Rocchesso and Giovanni Anceschi
programming implementation: Sebastiano Vascon

Sketching Interaction is a online tool to built, share and cooperate on new projects as a game.

This tool gives the possibility to generate a multiplicity of ideas in little time and these ideas will be judged by a lot of people. This new type of process create new possibilities for the design conceptualisation. Everybody can be a judger but at the same time can propose a change that can help the project to become better.

During the 2008, it was developed a working prototype for testing it on line. The application is not anymore online, this is how it was working and looking like:


The inteface of login is a cover of a notebook with a ticket to start the collaborative sketching game


The inner interface is like a note book where you can easly sketch your ideas

How does it works?

Login in the website, then read one of the design briefs and post your sketch-proposal. Your sketch is published. The Sketching Interaction community will then be able to vote your project within many others. If your project collects a defined amount of votes you will pass to another turn and you will be able to modify and collaborate with other members to refine your sketch.

Second phase: collaboration
After first phase of competition, the collaboration phase will take place within the Sketching Interaction community. The collaboration helps people to share ideas and turn them in a finished project

If a sketch was not voted enough?
Each project is stored in a database to be a resource to others experimental project